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Logistics Planning

Littus works closely with companies to ensure their supply chain logistics infrastructure plans leverage local knowledge and partners right-sized for their needs.

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Some Companies we’ve help expand into the US

Some Companies we’ve help expand into the US

Efficient Supply Logistics

What are they factors driving your supply chain logistics needs in your target markets?  Do you have the right partners on the ground to support your specific needs?  Littus will help you source and manage your logistics partner network to ensure efficient timely deliveries while keeping infrastructure costs within budget.

Long Haul Freight Options

Littus helps companies evaluate their existing air/ocean freight carriers and find new partners that will best support their needs in their new markets.

Customs Clearance

Littus guides companies to ensure careful attention is paid to the details of their paperwork to avoid unnecessary detail at ports of entry.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Littus helps companies find the appropriate 3PL partners whose capabilities align with their specific needs.

Localizing eCommerce Tools

Littus will audit your existing eCommerce tools to ensure they are compliant with local fulfillment realities and integrated with selected local partners.

The Littus Advantage

At Littus, we are uniquely positioned as your supply chain logistics partner because we are focused on new market scale up companies looking for growth in new markets.  The four pillars of our logistics solutions align with your reality to make sure your infrastructure can fit within your budget and scale for growth.

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Local Partners

Local partners help streamline logistics, reducing delivery times and costs.  Littus will make sure your products are being supported by partners who are in-market and understand the local landscape.

Flexible Management

Each company has their own capabilities, strengths and areas of expertise.  Littus can provide guidance, manage vendor selection and/or manage the entire supply chain infrastructure on your behalf.

Consultative Approach

Every Littus project starts with a deep dive discovery phase.  We want to understand your realities and make sure expectations and priorities align with existing capabilities.  Where partners are needed, we ensure they can support your strategic plan. We remain a consultative partner with you throughout the process.

Right-Sized Solutions

Whether you are a new market entrant, or one that is experiencing growth after some early successes, you need partners who value your business.  We make sure that supply chain logistics partners have services that are priced right and supported properly with focus and attention on your business.

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At Littus we understand that you are internationalizing your business with your own time and money. We’re committed to helping you develop and support an efficient business development strategy for success.

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