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Global Growth Through Local Connections

Littus supports companies and their economic development partners by connecting them with partners, prospects, government programs and investors.  Our “one-stop-shop” selection of service providers covers all the business infrastructure needs for a company looking to establish a presence in the USA.
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Some Companies we’ve helped expand into the USA

Some Companies we’ve help expand into the US

Global Growth Through Local Connections

The Littus team of international business professionals, service providers and global partner networks deliver informed and effective guidance for companies looking to enter foreign markets.    “Going Local” for advice and support in foreign markets is the cornerstone of the Littus foundation.

Project Management

Littus’ customized project management services provide in-depth support for companies looking to establish a functional U.S. subsidiary.  By managing the process as the client’s in-country project management team, Littus coordinates support from multiple service providers while holding all parties accountable.

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Entering the US Market

Establishing a subsidiary in the U.S. requires access to service providers who can provide informed local guidance for company formation, tax registration, banking, insurance, talent requirement and more. The Littus service provider network is a valuable resource of those areas and more.

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Exporting to the USA

Many companies begin their journey into foreign markets as an exporter of goods and services from their home country.  Littus helps companies navigate the challenges associated with customs clearance, air/ocean freight and in-country logistics management.

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Are you ready to enter a foreign market?  Can you clearly explain your USP to a new market?  What challenges will you face that differ from what you are used to handling at home?  Littus can help you develop a realistic strategic plan based on your realities as they apply to new foreign markets.

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U.S. Market

The U.S. market continues to be an attractive destination for European companies looking for global growth opportunities.  Managing new federal laws, along with the realities of 50 different states, requires local knowledge and experience.

European Market

U.S. companies attracted to Europe as a single market often soon find out that regional cultural realities, along with the complexities of Brexit, present unfamiliar challenges.  Detailed planning, and identification of complementary partners help companies navigate these unfamiliar waters.

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Interested in becoming a Littus partner? Get in touch today to learn more about opportunities to connect with new clients in need of your expertise.

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Global Growth Through Local Connections

Partner networks helps companies grow efficiently by providing services that complement their unique capabilities.  This is especially important for companies entering markets in new countries.  Some of the key business infrastructure needs, where in-country subject matter experts provide significant value include:

Legal:  company formation, customer/supplier/employee contracts, intellectual property

Tax registrations and filings

Immigration and visas

Insurance, talent management, sales channel partners, localized marketing and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody's journey is as unique as they are.  At Littus, we take a deep dive into each company's reality and create customized programs to fit their strategic plan.  This section covers some often repeated questions that companies have early in their journey.

Is Littus a Soft Landing Location?

No.  We are a service-based company that helps companies effectively and efficiently enter new markets.  We do not steer companies to space we are trying to lease but we companies land at a location that fits their specific needs.

What are the costs?

There are no costs to engage with Littus initially.  We invest a lot of time getting to know our clients before they ever engage with us directly and/or our service providers.  When the time is right, clear and detailed fees are provided for those services that a company needs after a deep dive into their market entry strategic plan.

What industries does Littus support?

Littus is an industry agonistic company with a wide range of experience across various markets and technologies.  A small sample of this range includes software, engineering service, food & beverage, life sciences, medtech and digital marketing.

Does Littus work with individual companies or trade missions?

Both.  Each Littus client receives the individual focus they deserve in support of their market entry plans. As well as referrals, clients are often introduced via trade missions.

How does Littus work with Economic Development Agencies

We engage with Economic Development Agencies through:

  • Formal relationships where Littus is contracted to support companies from their region
  • Project-based work, typically anchored by a trade mission
  • A partner providing U.S. Market Entry education as part of programs led by the agencies

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At Littus we understand that you are internationalizing your business with your own time and money. We’re committed to helping you develop and support an efficient business development strategy for success.

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