What we do

Littus brings together companies looking to grow their business in North America with partners, prospects, government programs and investors that will be the pillars of their successful global expansion.


Whether you are an economic development organization planning a trade mission or an individual company exploring opportunities in North America, Littus provides the experience and infrastructure to ensure time and resources spent are done so in areas that have the best chance for profitable returns.


Littus is a central resource for connection to infrastructure, prospects and partners to support your global expansion plans.  International companies can quickly have a local presence in their target markets through an interconnected network of partners supported by Littus.


Littus as a platform is based on partnerships.  The member service providers complement each other to provide a “one-stop-shop” for international companies looking to grow their business in the region.  More broadly, Littus and the member companies work in partnership with local governments, economic development agencies, universities and foundations to connect international companies with additional resources to support their growth plans.

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