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Introduction to the Business

Littus helps companies draft and consider the checklist for internationalizing their business.

Guidance on taxation requirements

Littus helps clients find success by pairing them with experts versed in the intricacies of regional taxation requirements.

Customs/duties considerations

Navigating U.S. customs can be a daunting challenge for both new and existing exporters.  Littus educates companies and connects them with partners to ensure compliance.

Review of digital marketing strategies

Diversifying the digital marketing for new markets helps to find new customers and clients in the U.S. market for the good or service. Learn how to communicate and brand an offering to prospect U.S. leads.

Trademark, copyright and patent reviews

Start exporting to the U.S. with confidence by working with trademark, copyright and patent experts to secure the future of the business.

Some Companies we’ve help expand into the US

By leveraging Littus' Project Management Services, these companies have successfully established subsidiaries that are operating in the US, contributing to their global growth strategies.

Reasons why you should work with Littus

Learn more about working with Littus.

Get in Touch


It’s our priority to get to know each and every client personally. Expand your network with valuable contacts when you join Littus. Work with our local experts on your internationalization strategy for a one-stop-shop of services guaranteed to give you confidence in this next stage of your business.


We understand that you are spending your own time and money to bring your business abroad. Our focus is on strategy and acceleration. Companies utilizing Littus Project Management services can expect their foreign subsidiary to be legally established and properly registered in applicable tax jurisdictions with local banking facilities and insurance coverage within 4 months of launch.

Cost Effective

Our customized four-month project management service provides in depth support to assist companies in managing the process of establishing a functional  U.S. subsidiary by acting as an in-country project manager, coordinating support from multiple service providers while holding all parties accountable.


Leave your time with Littus with an established business in the U.S. and a network of potential partners, clients, and business associations. Now that your business is established, at the conclusion of every project, Littus presents clients with a detailed strategy document that allows them to focus on business growth in the U.S.

What our customers are saying?

Efficient and Effective Delivery

The Littus teams works closely with its clients to ensure that their market entry projects are completed on time, within established budgets and set up for long term success.  The value of local knowledge and experience from Littus translates to effective utilization of onboarding resources to allow companies to focus on business growth.

Go Local!

Navigating foreign markets on your own presents unforeseen pitfalls.  Let Littus' local market experts guide you on your journey!

Right-Sized Services

SMEs should be aligned with service providers who understand their market and offer services that match their reality.   This is the Littus way!

Other Services

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Get Started from Littus

At Littus we understand that you are internationalizing your business with your own time and money. We’re committed to helping you develop and support an efficient business development strategy for success.

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