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Business Strategy

So you’re ready to grow in the USA?  Let Littus help you develop strategies that will optimize your business potential.

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Some Companies we’ve help expand into the US

Some Companies we’ve help expand into the US

Efficient and Effective Delivery

The Littus teams works closely with its clients to ensure that their market entry projects are completed on time, within established budgets and set up for long term success.  The value of local knowledge and experience from Littus translates to effective utilization of onboarding resources to allow companies to focus on business growth.

Go Local!

Navigating foreign markets on your own presents unforeseen pitfalls.  Let Littus' local market experts guide you on your journey!

Right-Sized Services

SMEs should be aligned with service providers who understand their market and offer services that match their reality.   This is the Littus way!

The Littus Difference

We pride ourselves on helping companies develop realistic market entry strategies that leverage their strengths and identify partners that can support areas of need.

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What is your reality?

Littus helps companies take a hard look in the mirror to identify gaps in their capabilities needed to support a market entry plan into new markets.

Practical Guidance

Littus engages clients with prospective partners and customers for market feedback that is more valuable than any market research report can provide.

Segmented Strategies

We help companies identify and target manageable and valuable market segments as their starting point toward growth in the USA.  Avoid the trap of trying to “boil the ocean” and get distracted with the enormity of the USA market.

Applicable Experience

All Littus team members, including the founding partners as well as all service providers, have long histories supporting foreign scale ups entering the USA market.  We leverage these experiences to provide informed and applicable guidance.

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Other Services

Curious about the other ways Littus can help you scale your business internationally? Click below to learn more about opportunities as part of the Littus network.

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At Littus we understand that you are internationalizing your business with your own time and money. We’re committed to helping you develop and support an efficient business development strategy for success.

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