Market entry strategies require careful planning, informed local intelligence and strong partnerships.   Littus works with companies entering the US market to develop realistic goals and efficient growth plans based on two primary tenets:  Connections and Infrastructure.


Many companies entering the USA already have customers, vendors and/or partners in country who have given them some preliminary feedback about the market opportunities.  Others have a great product, service or technology but have limited exposure to the market.  In both cases, Littus helps companies set up meetings with a network of contacts who will help validate market opportunities, confirm optimal market entry strategies and can serve as long-term partners.  These in-market connections provide informed guidance and direction that serve as a basis for an efficient market-entry program.


Companies entering the USA market need to make sure their business infrastructure needs are adequately covered to optimize the return on their investment.  Littus supports this need through its network of Service Provider Members covering a range of business infrastructure areas:

  • Legal – Corporate, immigration & intellectual property
  • Finance – Accounting & Taxation
  • Insurance
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Telecommunications
  • Site Selection

Don’t rely solely on existing in-country support to determine your needs in a new market.  Littus will educate, connect and support you with all your business infrastructure needs.


“Littus remains a valuable resource for our company even after the opening of our US headquarters as we implement our growth plans.” – Irish software firm

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